Cost accounting

Cost accounting

Cost accounting is one of important course off BBA program. In this app includes all basic terminologies of cost accounting.

###Main Topics of App###
Cost Accounting
Purpose of Management Accounting
Fixed cost
Opportunity Cost
Forms of Business Entities
Cost Behavior Analysis
Break-Even Analysis
Activity-Based Costing. (ABC)
Just in time (JIT)
Opportunity Cost
Cost Concept AND Terms
cost accounting definition
cost accounting notes
cost accounting formulas
cost accounting system
cost accounting and financial accounting
cost accounting a managerial emphasis
cost accounting
depreciation accounting
asset retirement obligation
cpa charge
cost management accounting
prepaid expenses accounting
expenses on balance sheet
accountant cost
tax basis accounting
gaap depreciation
cost of sales accounting
activity based accounting
quickbooks expenses
price accounting
accounting mini-course
manage accounting
master accounting
cost control
manage accounting
club accounting software